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About our political party

Votest is connected to the people of our country and the challenges they face every day. We are working to break down the old partisan barriers of our society that limit and slow down the development of the USA. We see our mission in helping Americans through introducing improvements on the state level.

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Here’s how we can build a better country

Learn more about our campaign aimed at improving the life quality of American citizens throughout the US and improving the country’s reputation worldwide.

Resolving economy issues
Tax reforms
Introducing taxation improvements
Providing better environmental policy
Investing in state education
Health care
Better health care for everyone

Our facts and stats

Since the foundation of Votest, our party has been working to deliver the changes that would make a difference in the lives of our citizens. Here are some facts regarding our achievements.

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Social changes

To improve the social aspect of our community’s life, we’ve introduced new social responsibility policy for the US government, businesses, and major enterprises.

Agriculture program

Agriculture often lacks priority in modern politics and that’s why improving it became one of our major goals.

Jobs and wages

One of our goals is to introducer higher wages and create more workplaces with better working conditions. We also aim to develop a single job searching platform.

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What People Say

I have personally witnessed the work of Votest since its founding and cannot speak more highly of the importance of their efforts to bring transparency to state government.
Albert Webb
While being highly transparent in all their actions, Votest has introduced great changes and improvements into economic and social spheres of our lives. The impact they made is truly immense.
Kelly McMillan
The team of Votest is fiercely nonpartisan, documenting and challenging the corrupt influence of big money on politics whether it involves Democrats or Republicans.
Esther Howard

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You can make your own contribution to the development of your state infrastructure and write its history with us.

Latest news

Democrats Push More In-Person Voting

by Theresa Barnes
Apr 25, 2020 at 3:13 pm
In Philadelphia, officials are encouraging voting in person. In Wisconsin, there are ballot-return events in city parks. They reflect an unease over President Trump’s war on mail-in voting.

How Likely Is Election Doomsday?

by Theresa Barnes
Apr 25, 2020 at 3:13 pm
Election law experts have some reassuring, and not so reassuring, assessments for us: “It’s reasonable to worry about low-probability, high-loss events.”

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